Citizens Information Board: Bereavement – a practical guide 2023

The Citizens Information Board (CIB) has published a new edition of Bereavement – a practical guide. This is a short guide to dealing with the practical matters that arise following the death of a loved one.

CIB said: “Losing a loved one or family member is incredibly difficult. With this practical guide the Citizens Information Board provides useful advice and information at what can be an overwhelming time. From the first steps to take after a death to dealing with your loved one’s estate, this guide answers your questions and directs you to organisations that can support you and your family.”

Bereavement – a practical guide offers advice on a range of concerns following a death from arranging a funeral to wills and inheritance. It also answers questions on income supports, pensions, payments for parents of dependent children and other benefits and entitlements for bereaved people.

CIB added: “This guide explains the different financial supports available to people who have been bereaved. These are matters that people may not have had to consider before, but now have to navigate upon the death of their loved one. The Citizens Information Phone Service and your local Citizens Information Centre can also give advice and help with any questions you may have.”

You can contact the Citizens Information Phone Service on 0818 07 4000, Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 8.00pm. You can visit your local Citizens Information Centre for information and advice.

The guide is available to download from the Citizens Information Board website in English and Irish. website provides further information on the topics covered in the guide.