Submissions and Policy Recommendations

Every year, the Citizens Information Board contributes to public policy formulation by responding to policy consultations and preparing submissions. Many of these are in response to invitations by government departments and working groups undertaking a review of an old or a proposed new policy. These submissions are available for the following years.

Submissions 2024

National Disability Strategy (February 2024)

CIB welcomes the opportunity to make a submission on a new Disability Strategy and acknowledges the progression of actions over the lifetime of the previous strategy. The development and implementation of a successor strategy is required to progress social inclusion and equality for people with disabilities. CIB has a role to assist and support individuals, in particular those with disabilities, in identifying and understanding their needs and options and in accessing their entitlements to social services. The submission proposes that actions that have not been achieved under the previous strategy be identified as priorities for action in the new NDS and are more closely aligned with the articles in the UNCRPD to assist in its implementation. Read more...

National Disability Strategy (February 2024) pdf document icon National Disability Strategy (February 2024) Word document icon

Child Poverty Target (January 2024)

This CIB response to the national consultation on a Child Poverty Target focuses on the multiple and complex social and economic structural factors that contribute to ongoing child poverty. The evidence provided by CIB-funded services across the country demonstrates the ongoing financial challenges linked to costs of living generally, in particular energy costs and housing costs, which push some families into poverty. For many clients of these services, income shortfalls are exacerbated by problems in accessing public services, in particular, housing and health. The submission outlines the wide range of factors that can contribute to alleviating consistent poverty - these include social welfare payments, a Living Wage, timely access to public social housing and public child care provision.

Child Poverty Target (January 2024) pdf document icon Child Poverty Target (January 2024) Word document icon

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