Our Structure

The Citizens Information Board supports the delivery of information through three channels: online, telephone and face-to-face. CIB is also responsible for the provision of the Money Advice and Budgeting Service.

The public can access integrated information directly through the Citizens Information website. The Citizens Information Phone Service (CIPS) provides a telephone service and the nationwide network of Citizens Information Services (CISs) provides the face-to-face service through Citizens Information Centres.

The Citizens Information Board (CIB) organises its work under four divisions and 12 service teams.

Compliance and Reporting Division

Financial Compliance and Reporting

The Financial Compliance and Reporting team is responsible for oversight and review of all funding provided to service delivery companies. The team manage budget profiling and grant administration, review services financial reporting and monitor services adherence to the CIB Financial Controls requirements.

Operational Compliance and Reporting

The Operational Compliance and Reporting team review services annual action plans and reporting and monitor agreed service delivery metrics. The team also manage the remit of supporting service delivery companies in relation to premises and leases and the duties of the Health and Safety Officer.


The Abhaile team is responsible for driving a communications and promotion campaign, aimed primarily at securing engagement and solutions for those in the longest arrears and who are not engaging with their lender. The team work to ensure the promotion of the service and to managing the governance, administrative and financial arrangements required to appropriately oversee Abhaile, across the network of MABS companies.

Standards and Development Division

Standards and Development

The Standards and Development team is responsible for the continued development and implementation of improvement measures across the service delivery companies. The team develop outcome based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for services and promote practice that is up-to-date, evidence based, effective and consistent.

Advocacy Standards and Development

The Advocacy Standards and Development team develop standards and policies to ensure a consistent approach to Advocacy across CIB funded services. The team work to increase the capacity of services to deliver high quality advocacy services to the public.

The team maintain, evaluate and develop electronic case management systems for the CIS and NAS services that support efficient case management, service reporting and reporting on client and case outcomes.


The e-Learning team is responsible for the development and delivery of the online training provision of CIB and Service Delivery Companies.

The team works with key stakeholders to identify training needs which are then developed into online courses containing interactive lessons, videos, case studies and assessments. CIB's e-learning courses are available through a dedicated learning management system.

ICT, Digital and Data Division


The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team manages and supports the day-to-day operational needs of CIB and the network of CIB's delivery services. The ICT team manages the complete ICT infrastructure on behalf of CIB and the 22 services it funds. The team is also responsible for hardware procurement, software development, data centre server resources and applications, disaster recovery, backups and a dedicated helpdesk.

Digital Content

The Digital Content team is responsible for the Citizens Information website; www.citizensinformation.ie along with CIB's information publications and periodicals. The team is also responsible for CIB's corporate social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook and CIB's corporate website, www.citizensinformationboard.ie.

Data and Research

The Data and Research team is responsible for the development and distribution of high quality research and analysis. The team analyse quantitative and qualitative data from services to identify trends and develop statistical updates, evidence-based thematic reports and submissions to highlight policy issues in line with our statutory responsibility. The team is responsible for the implementation and continued progress of the Data Hub on the corporate website. It is our aim to make these insights widely available to stakeholders and the public. In addition this information can be used to enhance service quality for users by building a deep understanding of their needs and to enhance public services for citizens through our social policy feedback role.

Corporate Services Division

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services team is responsible for overseeing governance areas such as the corporate strategy, data protection, Freedom of Information (FOI), the Ombudsman and Access to Information on the Environment. The team coordinates the provision of information to the Department of Social Protection as required. The team manage and coordinate the production of the Annual Report and other corporate publications. The team is responsible for CIB's internal communications function. A PR and Promotions Executive promotes awareness of the Citizens Information Board and its main service brands of Citizens Information and MABS.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team supports the staff of CIB and is responsible for recruitment and staff training.


The Finance team is responsible for finance, risk management and procurement matters and procedures including in relation to payroll, budgets, audits and estimates for CIB. CIB ensures that proper financial controls and reporting procedures are followed which ensures that value for money is delivered to the taxpayer.