Customer Service Action Plan 2018

The Citizens Information Board (formerly Comhairle) has been committed to a policy of quality customer service since Comhairle was established in 2000. In line with the Government's policy of improving customer services in public service organisations, the Board has prepared a Customer Service Charter which sets out our commitment to how we wish to serve our customers. To underpin the Charter this Customer Action Plan has also been developed.

This Action Plan sets out a specific focus on developments to be achieved over the next three years. The Plan identifies our main customer groups and how we will apply and implement the principles of Customer Service. Customer feedback and complaints arrangements are also set out.

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Customer Service Charter

The Citizens Information Board provides independent information, advice and advocacy on public and social services through, the Citizens Information Phone Service (0818 07 4000) and the network of Citizens Information Services. We are responsible for the Money Advice and Budgeting Service and provide the National Advocacy Service for people with disabilities. We put the citizen at the centre of everything we do and this Charter sets out the principles that underpin our services.

We are committed to...

1. Clear, comprehensive and accurate information

We will provide clear and detailed information about public and social services to help you identify your needs and access your entitlements.

2. Prompt, courteous and efficient responses

We will be responsive to your needs and we will deliver our services sensitively and efficiently.

3. Equality and diversity

We will respect diversity and ensure your right to equal treatment.

4. Choice

We will plan and deliver our services so you can access them in the way that suits you best.

5. Access

We will ensure that all our services and offices are fully accessible. Contact our Access officer at the address below or

6. Official languages

We will provide our services through Irish and/or bilingually where required.

7. Consultation and evaluation

We will consult with you to establish your needs when developing, delivering and evaluating our services.

8. Internal customers

We will support our staff to ensure that they provide an excellent service to one another and to you.

9. Co-ordination

We will work closely with other organisations to deliver citizen-focused public services.

10. Appeals

We will maintain an accessible and transparent appeal and review system where appropriate.

11. Comments and complaints

We want to provide the best service possible to you and welcome all comments on our services. Contact our Customer Services Officer, Anne Marie Owens at the address below or