Citizens Information Phone Service

The Citizens Information Phone Service (CIPS) is funded and supported by the Citizens Information Board. CIPS was established in 2001 as a national Citizens Information telephone-based service. CIPS provides a comprehensive and confidential information service to people throughout the country, mainly over the phone but also through other channels such as email.

CIPS also operates a Live Advisor instant chat service. Live Advisor is available between the hours of 9am and 5pm (Monday to Friday) and is targeted specifically toward people with hearing and speech difficulties and to others who have difficulty communicating by telephone.

CIPS number: 0761 07 4000
Fax: 021 452 1604

A note on 0761 telephone numbers
The new 0761 prefix for Citizens Information and MABS telephone numbers is part of a Government initiative to reduce call costs for both public bodies and customers. Call costs to 0761 numbers vary – your telephone service provider should be able to give you further details on the costs that apply for your telephone package.