Volunteering with a Citizens Information Service

The Citizens Information Board funds 42 Citizens Information Services to provide face-to-face information, advice and advocacy services right across Ireland.

Volunteers are a vital part of these services and work in a wide range of areas including information provision, advocacy and administration. More than 1,100 people currently volunteer with Citizens Information.

If you are interested in volunteering with a Citizens Information Service, your first step should be to contact the Citizens Information Centre where you would like to volunteer. (Some Citizens Information Services run more than one Citizens Information Centre, for example, where there are a number of centres in a county.)

You can find your nearest Citizens Information Centre here: centres.citizensinformation.ie.

Only some of the Citizens Information Services will be recruiting volunteers at a given time. However, you can speak to the staff in the service at any time to find out when the next round of volunteer recruitment is due to take place. Thank you for your interest in Citizens Information!

Volunteering in a CIS