Citizens Information on Twitter: @citizensinfo

Twitter is a social networking website that allows its users to send and receive short messages (called 'tweets').

The @citizensinfo Twitter account is managed by the Citizens Information Board, as is the Assist Ireland account, @assistireland. Tweets aim to cover developments in public and social services.

The Citizens Information Board's Twitter accounts are hosted by Twitter. You can find Twitter's privacy policy on the Twitter website.

Retweets (tweeting a message from another twitter user) may be used to highlight relevant announcements, particularly those by other Government bodies.

We welcome @ messages. However, in general, due to resource constraints, we will not be in a position to reply to all messages.

@citizensinfo and @assistireland will not be obliged to follow any of our followers. If we do follow a Twitter account, it does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Sending a message via Twitter will not be considered as contacting the Citizens Information Board for official purposes and we will not be obliged to monitor or respond to requests for information through the Twitter channel. Instead, please see our contact details.

May 2013