Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

The Strategic Plan 2015-2018 sets out how we will enhance citizens' access to high quality, information, advice, money advice and advocacy over the next three years. The strategy is designed to ensure CIB and our delivery services meet the needs of citizens in the most organisationally and economically effective way.

Our mission for the period of the Strategic Plan is: "to enhance citizens' access to consistent and high quality information, advice, money advice, and advocacy to meet their needs, now and in the future."

Strategic Priorities

Priority A: Provide high quality consistent services to citizens, supported by robust quality assurance mechanisms

Priority B: Revise the structures of CISs and MABS to better serve the citizen by improving management structures and governance, management of resources and the delivery of consistent high quality services; this includes aligning CIB structures accordingly to maximise effective use of resources

Priority C: Provide targeted interventions to support the needs of our citizens in very vulnerable situations through specialist services

Priority D: Improve awareness of the range of services provided by CIB and our delivery services particularly with regard to accessibility of services to citizens.

Priority E: Highlight issues of concern so that policy and administration of public services is continually enhanced.

Priority F: Continue to develop our people - staff, volunteers, board members - through appropriate supports. A particular emphasis on the key role of volunteering will form part of our ongoing strategy.

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