CIS Level 2 Training

The Essential Training for Information Providers (ETIP) Programme was developed to address the needs of incoming staff, CE workers and volunteer information providers. The 18 online interactive lessons provides the Information Provider with the knowledge areas needed to work independently in the CIS. It is also supported by Interpersonal Communications skills training which is provided in a tutorial setting. Through the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired over an extended period CIS Information Providers are enabled to operate independently providing information, advice and assistance.

The ETIP Programme covers 18 core topics with which a CIS Information Provider needs to be familiar. They are delivered as interactive lessons over an 18 week period in three blocks of 6 weeks during a 5-month period. The online weekly lessons use engaging interactive activities, videos and case studies. While working through each lesson the Information Provider is asked regular review questions to allow for their understanding to be tested and immediate feedback is provided to make their learning easy and effective.

The ETIP Programme is open to all CIS staff and volunteers recommended by their Manager who have completed Induction Training in their local Citizens Information Centre and have access to a computer with reliable internet access. Those interested will need to be proficient in basic computer skills and conducting basic internet searches. The flexible online access format of ETIP means Information Providers can log in at the times that suit them and they can work through each lesson at their own speed. Lessons and online quizzes can be reviewed as many times as liked.

Even though the ETIP Programme gives lnformation Providers a grounding in information, advice and advocacy provision it is not an externally accredited course. Those who successfully complete it will qualify for a CIB Certificate of Achievement and are eligible for entry to the QQI Level 6 accredited Information Provision and Advocacy Practice (IPAP) Programme facilitated through the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB) which commences in September each year.

The ETIP 3.0 Information Booklet provides information about the course content and schedule.