CIS Level 1 Training

The Information Providers Induction Training (IPIT) Programme for new staff and volunteers in the Citizens Information Service is available on the CIB Learning Hub in the ‘Training Resources & Exercises’ section. The Development Managers are the only pass-worded users of this training resource.

This training programme has lessons on 9 different subject matter areas which was developed to download for use at local level in order to support a structured and consistent induction to the work of the Service. In addition to PowerPoint presentations there are “pencil & paper activities” to assist with the training of new staff.

These pencil and paper quizzes are also provided in an ‘eLearning format’ so staff can familiarise with the concept of online learning. This is an integral part of the Essential Training for Information Providers (ETIP) Programme and is the next stage in their learning journey. Those wishing to embark on the ETIP Programme first must complete induction training.