South Leinster Citizens Information Service (SLCIS) Invites expressions of interest for the appointment of Director:

(Company No. 629662, Charity Registration Number 20202096, CHY 22251)

SLCIS is seeking to recruit 2 Directors. A full description of the role and time commitments required are outlined in the Recruitment Booklet for the Appointment of Director.

Citizens Information Services (CIS) are companies which allow callers to access face-to-face information on public and social services on a drop-in basis. There are Citizens Information Centres right across Ireland, and these are supported by outreach locations and a mobile service. For more information please see:

South Leinster Citizens Information Service (SLCIS) is a charitable company established in 2018. The company provides CIC services in the counties of Carlow, Laois, Kilkenny, Offaly, Wexford and Wicklow. SLCIS is run by a voluntary Board of Directors. No fees will be paid to Directors however, travel and subsistence expenses will be paid when applicable.

Directors must serve the interests of service users, the taxpayer, pursue value for money in their endeavours and act transparently. In line with the obligations of entities in receipt of public funding regional boards must adhere to the principles of: Clarity, Governance; Value for Money; and Fairness. Directors should act on a fully informed basis, in good faith, with due diligence and care, and in the best interest of the organisation, subject to the objectives of the company. A full role description is available in the SLCIS Recruitment Booklet.

Volunteering on the board of SLCIS is very rewarding and fulfilling. The company’s strategy statement, annual reports for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 are available upon request. Simply email for same.

Closing date for receipt of expressions of interest is 15th July 2022


  1. SLCIS Recruitment Booklet for the Appointment of Director.
  2. SLCIS Expression of Interest in the Appointment of Director.
  3. SLCIS Data Protection Privacy Notice for South Leinster Citizens Information Board Applicants.