CIB creates a new online information resource for returning Irish emigrants

Minister of State for the Diaspora and International Development, Ciarán Cannon, T.D., today announced the launch of ‘Returning to Ireland’, a new online information portal for Irish emigrants seeking to move back to Ireland. Created by the Citizens Information Board with support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this new resource contains information on the practicalities involved in returning to Ireland.

Angela Black, Chief Executive said: “The Citizens Information Board is delighted to be part of this joint initiative with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to create this important online resource for emigrants returning to Ireland. Last year recorded more than 13 million users and 47 million page views. This new Returning to Ireland category will be a very useful resource for all Irish citizens living abroad and thinking about coming home, whatever their stage in life.”

She added:

“Returning citizens need easy access to information which can help during their transition to Ireland on matters such as how the Irish taxation system works, how to get an Irish driving licence or get a passport for a child born abroad.”

Minister Ciarán Cannon, T.D. chairs the Government’s Interdepartmental Committee on the Irish Abroad, which works to facilitate a whole of government response to issues affecting Irish people overseas. It is a key component of the Government’s commitment under Ireland’s Diaspora Policy to facilitate, in practical ways, those that left Ireland and want to return home.

Speaking today Minister Cannon said:

“I am keenly aware that returning to Ireland from abroad can be a challenging experience. This is why the Government is committed to making this process as smooth as possible by ensuring that, as a first step, people thinking about making the move have access to comprehensive, detailed and accurate information.” “The Citizens Information Board has already consolidated its position as the go-to resource for information about public services in Ireland. This new content, specially catered for returning emigrants, is exceptionally detailed and will no doubt be an invaluable resource for Irish emigrants moving back home.”

The creation of this online resource stems from a key recommendation from the ‘Indecon Economic Report on Addressing Challenges Faced by Returning Irish Emigrants’ (pdf), a study commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and published in February 2018.

‘Returning to Ireland’ provides practical information on Irish public services aimed specifically at people returning to live in Ireland. This information in addition to the existing 1,200 webpages already available on will help Irish citizens abroad navigate their way back home.

The Returning to Ireland content is available online at