Appointment of Angela Black to the Irish Banking Culture Board

15 April 2019

The Citizens Information Board (CIB) is delighted that Angela Black, Chief Executive Officer, has been appointed to the Irish Banking Culture Board (IBCB). The fourteen Board members were announced this morning at the official launch of the IBCB. The launch follows an in-depth public and stakeholder consultation and a separate bank employee culture survey.

Chairman of the Irish Banking Culture Board, Mr. Justice John Hedigan, said: "Following a loss of trust in the banking sector, rebuilding wider society's confidence in the industry will not happen overnight; it will take time, courage and commitment. That journey begins in earnest today, informed by the voices of bank staff, customers and stakeholders from across Irish society."

Angela Black has been the CEO of CIB since 2014. CIB provides information, money advice and advocacy directly through and indirectly from over 200 locations in Ireland. Co-ordinating the Dedicated Mortgage Arrears and Abhaile schemes through MABS, CIB supports 66 free legal advice (FLAC) clinics in Citizens Information Centres, National Advocacy Service for People with Disabilities, National Traveller MABS and Sign Language Interpreting Service. Special projects include the Personal Microcredit "It Makes Sense" Credit Union loans.

Qualified in banking risk, Angela has several years' experience in consumer financial services at domestic (Department of Finance) and EU Commission level. She represented Ireland's EU negotiations on e-money, consumer credit, insurance and financial markets legal instruments. She led European Commission work from 2007-2011 on bank fees, switching, quality of investment advice and consumer APRC issues. She chaired European Parliament negotiations during Irish Presidency, reaching agreement on the Mortgage Credit Directive in April 2013.

Here is a link to the IBCB stakeholder report and employee survey: