Citizens Information Services (CISs) National Statistics 2022

Statistical Highlights 2022


394,400 callers were assisted by the Citizen's Information Services this year, an increase of 16.7% on the 2021 numbers.

These callers had over 788,900 queries - an increase of 13.7% on 2021 query levels.
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Caller Demand and Profile

The average number of callers a month for 2022 was 32,867 up from the average number for 2021 of 28,181. September had the highest number of callers (40,650) similar to the previous year.

Chart 1: Callers comparison by month from 2021 - 2022
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Mode of Contact

In 2022, over half of callers contacted CISs by telephone (215,638 callers).

In person contact was four times that of 2021 caller numbers, as face-to-face services resumed.

Of the personal callers, 89% were Drop-In and 11% were Appointments.

Chart 2: Modes of Contact

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Where gender was recorded, 61% of callers were female (238,877), 36% were male (140,422) and 3% were couples (12,981).

This is similar to the gender breakdown for previous years; females continue to account for nearly two-thirds of callers. Couples increased from 1% of the callers to CISs in 2021 to 3% in 2022.

Chart 3: Gender of Callers to CISs in 2022

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Age was recorded for 66% of callers in 2022. The 26-45 age category remains the largest proportion of callers.

The 66 and over age category rose from 13% of total callers in 2021 to 18% in 2022, reflecting a return in demand from this group post pandemic. The 25 and under category remains the smallest category accounting for 3%.

Chart 4: Number of Callers to CISs by Age Categories in 2022

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Specific Needs

13.8% or 54,659 callers to CISs in 2022 had specific needs identified by information providers. Almost half related to language, an increase of over 80% on the 2021 numbers reflecting the increase in demand from Ukrainian service users.

There were 7,435 callers with IT Access and Digital Literacy problems in 2022. Of these callers a third were 66 and over.

Chart 5: Top Specific Needs of Callers for 2022

Image of a Chart for Nationality


Country of Origin was recorded for 63% of callers (247,520) in 2022.

21% of these callers (52,316) countries of origin were outside Ireland.

Callers from Ireland accounted for 79% of all callers (195,204). Callers from Ukraine (8,346), and Poland (8,158) were the next highest.

In all, callers to CISs came from 189 different countries.

Map 1: Top Countries of Origin for Callers (excluding Ireland)

The number of callers from outside the EU increased to 13.4%, up from 8.8% (17,952) in 2021.
The war in Ukraine accounts for the increased number of non-EU callers to CISs in 2022.

Chart 6: EU and non—EU callers

Image of a Chart for Query Category

Query Categories

788,902 queries came from the public in 2022 - an increase of 13.7% in queries compared to 2021.

When the public contact CISs they often have more than one query, there was a ratio of 2.00 queries per caller in 2022, which is down from 2.05 in 2021.

Chart 8: Top CIS Query categories for 2022

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Top 10 Entitlements in 2022

Chart 9: Top 10 Entitlements in 2022

29% of all queries in 2022 were related to the Top 10 entitlements.

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Further Statistical Data

The document below contains the five highest query categories: Social Welfare, Housing, Health, Employment and Moving Country and shows the number of queries relating to the various schemes, payments and entitlements in each sub-category in 2022.

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