Citizens Information Services (CISs) National Statistics


Statistical Highlights 2021

338,167 callers assisted by Citizens Information Services with nearly 700,000 queries during 2021.

4/5 of the people that contacted services did so by telephone.

11% of overall contacts began with the web-based Call Back Service.


CIS Callers

A bar chart showing type of contact in 2021 72% Phone 11% Website Callback Form 11% Personal 6% Letter/Email
Type of contact 2021


63% of callers were women and 35% were men.


Age Profile

A bart chart showing the age profiles in 2021 94,990 (26-45) 76,072 (45 to 65) 25,672 (66 and over) 5,681 (25 years and under)
Age profile 2021

26-45 age bracket had the highest number of callers.


Specific Needs

10% of callers had specific needs, with more than half relating to language. People coming to CISs with specific access needs often had higher numbers of queries than the general caller population.



17% of callers, where county of origin was recorded, were from other EU or non-EU countries.


Query Categories

Almost 700,000 queries came from the public in 2021.

Callers to CISs often have more than one query, with 2.05 queries per caller recorded in 2021, up from 1.97 in 2020.

A bar chart showing the query categories in 2021 Social Welfare (43%) Housing (9%) Employment (9%) Health (6%) COVID-19 (6%) Money and Tax (5%) Local (5%) Moving Country (3.5%) Birth, Family & Relationships (3%) Justice (3%)
Query categories 2021

What information did people look for?

300,644, or 43% of queries were about Social Welfare, with the highest number of queries relating to Carer’s Allowance (22,000).

61,577 queries were Housing related, with the highest number of queries about Local Authority and Social Housing (34,000+ queries).

Many people coming to CISs had queries about Covid-19 pandemic supports, with the main query area relating to the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (12,574 queries).

Top Ten Entitlements

One quarter of all queries dealt with by services were related to ten key payments or entitlements. The top ten dealt with by CISs in 2021 were...

  1. Medical Cards
  2. Carer's Allowance
  3. State Pension/Contributory
  4. Disability Allowance
  5. Jobseeker's Allowance
  6. Applications for Local Authority/Social Housing
  7. Illness Benefit
  8. Leave and Holidays
  9. Fuel Allowance
  10. Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP)