Improved services for citizens a key goal as CIB and the MABS and CIS network plan for the future

May 2017

The Citizens Information Board (CIB), which has statutory responsibility for the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) and the Citizens Information Services (CIS), is hosting a series of regional consultations to discuss the implementation of plans to reorganise and modernise services in local communities.

In line with best governance practice and for improved services to citizens, MABS and CIS will revise operational structures at Board level by moving from the current ninety three Boards model to a sixteen Board structure, comprising eight CIS Boards and eight MABS Boards.

The excellent citizen services provided by CIS and MABS services locally will continue to be available to the general public via online, face-to-face and telephone services. Local employment will remain unaffected under the new model, and all service locations will remain fully operational.

Angela Black, CEO, Citizens Information Board said:
“I look forward to leading the CIS and MABS network as a twenty-first century service, fostering its excellent reputation as one of the most successful State-funded citizen services available to the people of Ireland.”

The consultations, to be held throughout the month of May, will examine key aspects of implementing the new sixteen Board model. All of the consultation events will feature discussions chaired by an independent facilitator, with Angela Black, CEO, CIB in attendance as well as invited management representatives from local MABS and CIS services, their staff, volunteers and Boards. The consultation events will take place from May 10th to 26th inclusive. The first event for the Dublin regions, will take place on May 10th at the Ashling Hotel.

Since MABS was established twenty-four years ago and the Citizens Information centres first opened their doors in 1975, the way in which people access information, do business, and communicate with each other has changed considerably. The new operational model at MABS and CIS will reflect this progress by providing a more responsive, modern, accessible service.

The consultation into how to adapt the MABS and CIS involved extensive research including a review of the organisational structures and a feasibility study regarding the consolidation of both services. The decision to reorganise and modernise the service took place in November 2014.

The Citizens Information Board acknowledges the work and efforts of members of local Boards who have worked to progress CIS and MABS services to what they are today. The Citizens Information Board encourages the voluntary Board members of local services to continue their involvement by applying to serve on one of the new sixteen Boards to be established or by serving on one of the new Local Advisory Committees that will be set up under the revised structure.

The reorganisation will ensure good governance resulting primarily in an improved use of the most important resource of CIS and MABS - its people. The reduction in the current costs associated with maintaining 93 individual Boards across the country will be redirected into making MABS and CIS capable of delivering more services to a greater number of citizens.